How it works:

We create and compile individual benefits, like salary calculators, car rental discounts, ID monitoring, web conferencing, etc. Then, we combine certain benefits together to create unique website destinations that can be used as paid membership programs, loyalty incentives, upsells, embedded benefits, and more. The websites we create are private labeled and unique every time, giving our clients complete flexibility and control to create the perfect digital service for their needs.

We can create new program websites in less than 24 hours, with NO SETUP FEES! Free setup As seen marketed on:

Benefit Categories:

  • Career Protection BenefitsCareer Protection Benefits
  • Travel Discounts & RewardsTravel Discounts & Rewards
  • Identity Theft Protection BenefitsIdentity Theft Protection Benefits
  • Shopping Discounts & RewardsShopping Discounts & Rewards
  • Grocery Store CouponsGrocery Store Coupons
  • Dining Discount ClubsDining Discount Clubs
  • Online Meeting & TeleconferencingOnline Meeting & Teleconferencing
  • Digital Security BenefitsDigital Security Benefits
  • Custom Created ProgramsCustom Created Programs

Existing Clients Include:

  • Call Centers
  • Benefit Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Multi-Level Marketers
  • Online Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • and more...

We provide products and services to a large number of clients across a broad span of industries. Clients use our products as up-sells, loyalty rewards, standalone offerings, and as embedded benefits. Our state of the art Web 2.0 platform allows us to create custom private label programs for clients in minutes, with no setup fees or prohibitive up-front costs!

You maintain the customer relationship, and directly bill the customer for the service. We host the service website and power the benefits platform.

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